Wonderful Walt Disney World Memory

Beauty and Beast show (2)

One of my favorite Walt Disney World memories was when my wife and I took our daughter, Megan, for her 1st Walt Disney World vacation in February 2003. She was only sixteen months old, but we wanted her to experience Walt Disney World at any early age. Our parents thought we were crazy to bring a child that young. But, we ignored their advice, planned our Walt Disney World vacation, packed our clothes, got the diaper bag together, and jumped in the family truckster (i.e. our van).

The 1st theme park we took Megan to was Disney’s MGM Studios, which is now named Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It was the first park to open that morning, and I was anxious for her to meet the “Mouse.”

When Megan got into the park, I turned to look at my wife and she had tears of joy in her eyes.

It really touched me beyond anything I could imagine to see how much this meant to my wife, who always wanted to go as a little girl, but never did. She was now fulfilling that dream through her daughter’s eyes.

One of my daughter’s 1st attractions see experienced was Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage.  She smiled and clapped during the entire show!

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