My Daughter riding the Tower of Terror!

Tower of terror

My Daughter riding the Tower of Terror!

My daughter, at the age of 4, entered MGM Studios, which is today Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  My wife and I had mentioned to her about the attraction we both love, “The Tower of Terror.” She, mind you, has never shown fear of anything!  We went over what to expect. “You ride in an elevator and it will drop you 13 stories.” We both took her by the hand. She looked us both in the eyes and said, “I got this. No problem.”

We turned to head towards the Tower of Terror, which is housed in the Hollywood Hotel.  It was looming in the distance.  It had definitely seen better days, since the outside looks very run down, obviously for effect.

We stepped ever closer and closer towards the Tower of Terror and the outside windows opened to allow all of us to hear, “AHHHHHHHHH!”

Guests are screaming just when they are dropped back down the elevator shaft.  Will this new sound of fear shaken her confidence in anyway?  I look at my daughter’s face for the answer.  Does she have a frown on or a look of fear or even tears in her eyes?  Nope!  I feel a tug on my hand and she says to my wife and I, “Can we go on it twice?”

Make sure you ride the Tower of Terror in Walt Disney World!

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