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The Tower of Terror Experience

Walt Disney World is truly a magical place, and is even more magical when your trip is planned thoroughly. Disney World vacation planning allows you and your family to get the utmost greatest possible experience, while allowing yourself and your family or friends to see and do as much as you may please. Disney’s FastPass+ is a major part of Disney World vacation planning, and there are must do rides in the Walt Disney World Parks that FastPass+ will enable you to experience.

            Hollywood studios is home to the one and only Tower of Terror. A thrill captivated elevator that drops you 13 stories at an incredible rate. Your stomach is sure to feel this one, in the best way possible of course.

            You enter the ride into a dark desolate room, which is supposedly haunted with the elevators’ previous victims. Chilled with fear, you will enter into the Twilight zone, where your biggest and darkest fears are made into reality. Make sure to fasten your seatbelts and hold onto all personal items folks, because I promise you they WILL go flying if you do not. Yes, even your magic Mickey ears, I apologize. As your elevator begins to rise, you and your companions may momentarily regret your decision, but do not fear, it will be totally worth it.

            As you reach the top floor, and the doors open wide and you get a view of the entire park.  You get a moment of peace. One would normally snap a quick picture before falling to their doom. KIDDING, do not fear. However while you drop 13 stories, your stomach is sure to drop right with you. As you drop at a relatively gravity defying speed, you see the ghosts of the victims floating on the walls ahead of you, as you continue to fall. Once you approach the ending, you are pulled into an eerie room, while being greeted by a not so friendly bellman. You have officially reached the twilight zone.

            Make sure the Tower of Terror is part of the process while taking care of your Disney World vacation planning.  We can take care of the planning for you at Mouse Vacation Planning.  All of our services are free to you after you have booked a package with us! Click here to request a quote for Walt Disney World.

By Megan Merola

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Top FastPass+ Attractions in the Magic Kingdom

As you are in the stages of Disney World vacation planning, FastPass+ becomes an important part of the process. You are able to make three FastPass+ selections per theme park per day. There are so many attractions to choose from and you want to make sure you obtain the best selections.

The Magic Kingdom has classic attractions, shows, thrill rides, and something for the whole family. So what three attractions should you choose when going through your Disney World vacation planning?

If you have thrill seekers in the family then you should select Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. You may be wondering, how will you ride Splash Mountain? To assist with your Disney World vacation planning, arrive to the Magic Kingdom 30 minutes before it opens and go directly to Splash Mountain. The area will be empty the 1st hour after the park has opened and you can go in the standby line!

If you have non thrill seekers in the family, then you could choose: Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.

If you have little ones in your family then I would suggest: Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, Enchanted Tales with Belle, and Winnie the Pooh or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (if your little ones are at least 38 inches). You can still experience Peter Pan by arriving to the Magic Kingdom 30 minutes early and going directly to Peter Pan.

As you are in the stages of Disney World vacation planning, make sure you choose your FastPass+ attractions 60 days in advance at 7am Eastern Time. Visit to get a Walt Disney World quote!

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Beaches & Cream Soda Shop in Walt Disney World

You have begun planning your Walt Disney World vacation.  Dining can be done 180 days in advance and your family begins picking their top choices.  One of your children says, “Where is Beaches & Cream Soda Shop?”  You think to yourself, I have no idea.  Is it a restaurant?  When you began planning this Disney vacation you never came across Beaches & Cream Soda Shop.

Beaches & Cream Soda Shop is a hidden restaurant gem in Walt Disney World.  It is located in Disney’s Beach Club Resort and is a 50s style diner.  Their menu includes: chili, burgers, Reuben sandwiches, vegetable burgers, cheddar bacon ranch chicken sandwiches, turkey club, meatloaf sandwiches, grilled cheese, and tuna, chicken, or egg salad sandwiches.  You get the choice of fries or onion rings with your sandwich.

The highlight of the meal is upon you when it is time for dessert!  Beaches & Cream has mouthwatering sundaes that will knock your Mickey Ears off!  They have names like Fudge Mudslide, Snickers Sundae, Classic Banana Split, and the No Way Jose!  The No Way Jose is one of my favorite sundaes.  It contains chocolate and vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, hot fudge, peanut butter and chocolate morsels, and whipped cream.  You can even order a classic sundae, brownie a la mode, a milkshake, or even just an ice cream cone.

A sundae you may have the courage to tackle is the “Kitchen Sink!”  It includes 8 scoops of ice cream, all the toppings in the house, and a whole can of whipped cream!

If you don’t have the time to sit down, Beaches & Cream has a To Go counter as well.  You can order any ice cream cone, sundae, or milkshake.  There is a restriction with the “Kitchen Sink.”  You cannot order the full one, but they have an individual one for takeout.

When you are ready to begin the planning of your next Disney vacation in Walt Disney World make sure you put Beaches & Cream Soda Shop on your wish list!